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I'm Nichole Phillips and I'm stretching my art legs after 20 years! As a child up through high school I was very into art and took many art classes. Some places I was privileged to attend  included The Art League in The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA and The Corcoran School of Art in Georgetown, Washington, DC. In high school I was such an art dork I had art on my class ring instead of a sport! Unfortunately, when I got to college I also discovered partying! I was told by one of my professors I was terrible painter! That was enough to destroy my already fragile confidence level! To be fair, it was a really terrible painting! I threw it together shortly before class and it was awful! Nevertheless, I stayed away until recently. 

A series of personal tragedies left me feeling empty and dead inside. I felt unable to be the person I used to be. The girl that used to be nicknamed "Giggles" by friends and coworkers was now angry and withdrawn. I could see my kids suffering and I knew I needed to make a change. I started doing some paintings and crafts and the creativity and joy started flowing! When I was trying to come up with a name I sat down with a bottle of wine and a thesaurus! Although I came up with some great, weird names I decided to settle on my inspiration name. Evie Gray is a combination of my kids names, Evelyn and Grayson. They gave me the courage to follow my dreams and they deserve to be a major part of them!


Drawing with pencils has been my home base but I'm learning and enjoying acrylic painting now. I like to dabble in all sorts of new projects. I have begun really enjoying acrylic pour art, crafting and woodworking. We live in an incredible time where we have access to all sorts of art education free and at our fingertips! Artists are happy to share advice and tutorials! I have been taking advantage so I can improve my skills and take my art to the next level. Join me on my journey and hopefully you will find joy and pick up a few tips along the way!

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